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Our NEW "Buy Local" Initiative!

The Leipsic Area Chamber is thrilled to announce Save Local Now, our newest FREE member benefit! We at the Leipsic Chamber chose to partner with Save Local Now for many reasons. Here are the top three:

1. Save Local Now brings our community a proven "Buy Local" initiative.
2. Save Local Now provides our members with FREE digital marketing tools.
3. Save Local Now offers our members effective time management solutions.

Chamber members can use Save Local Now to create, manage, and analyze their very own digital marketing campaigns. Bundled together on one single platform, Save Local Now includes live business listings, deal and event publishing, email marketing, iPhone and Android apps, social media sharing, SEO, and real-time analytics. For consumers, Save Local Now (savelocalnow.com) is a website and an iPhone and Android app that gives people access to exclusive offers from their favorite businesses. Locals and tourists alike can use Save Local Now to access deals, events, and savings where they shop, eat and play.

Learn more by clicking on these links:

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Save Local Now